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  • Site Basics

    Create ONEOffice Sites

    Using the ONEOffice Sites

    Access Sites

    To create a new site and to view a list of sites that you own or can edit:

    • Launch Sites via

    Or, visit from another ONEOffice Apps product
    When you're using a ONEOffice Apps product (e.g. Mail, Calendar), you'll see other Apps products listed at the top left of the page. Simply click Sites to access your sites list.

    Once you've accessed your sites, click the Create new site button to begin the process. 

    Create your site

    When you create a new site, you'll need to provide the following details (other information is optional, but these are required):

    Site name

    The name you select will autofill as the custom URL for your site. If you'd like a URL that differs from your site name, click into the URL field and make the appropriate changes (your title will not reflect the URL changes).

    Access level

    You control who can view your site. Remember, if you make your site public, anyone in the world will be able to view your site. Choose with care! 

    * Domain administrators control whether it's possible to make sites available to the public. Check with your domain administrator if you're not able to view this sharing option. 


    Themes determine the overall look of your site - from standard solids to whimsical backgrounds, you can be your own site designer with one click of the mouse! If you're not entirely happy with the colors or fonts in a certain theme, don't worry, you'll be able to customize colors and fonts after your site is created.

    That's it! Click Create site to finish the setup process.

    Your new site will automatically appear.

    Edit pages in your site

    To edit a page, click the Edit Page button in the upper right corner of the page.

    An edit toolbar will appear that provides the tools necessary to edit the page.

    Add text, insert tables, and edit the layout of the page.

    There are also a variety of applications and gadgets available to enhance your site. 

    To start adding apps and gadgets to your site, select Insert, and pick the appropriate item you'd like to include. 

    Some useful apps and gadgets include:

    • Calendar: Make sure your project stays on schedule and embed a calendar that includes key due dates.
    • Document/Presentation/Spreadsheet: Embed a ONEOffice Document - when the source is modified, the document is updated automatically within Sites (this is true when embedding documents, spreadsheets, forms and presentations)
    • Map: Headed to an offsite meeting? Don't just provide directions, embed a map!
    • Recently updated files: Lists the latest additions/updates to your file. 

    There are also more gadgets created by ONEOffice and third-party sites available by selecting More gadgets... You'll be able to preview each gadget before adding it to your site.

    Add pages to your site

    Add pages to better organize information in your site. The following formatting options are available, depending on the purpose of your page: 

    • Web Page: An unstructured page where you can add text, images, tables, and embed spreadsheets, presentation, videos and more. 
    • Dashboard: A web page that displays an overview of information. The two-column page is pre-formatted with four gadget placeholders - click on each gadget to select the information you'd like to embed (e.g. calendar, document, presentation, etc.)
    • Announcements: An easy way to post chronological information (e.g. project updates, company announcements, etc.)

    • File Cabinet: Allows you to organize common documents in one place. Upload files from your hard drive and create a complete library of information. 
    • List: Choose from list templates, or configure your own custom columns to easily track items. 
    • Start Page: A web page with a special section that is restricted to each individual collaborator. Collaborators can still add content that everyone will see, but can add their own personalized set of gadgets that only they can view. 

    Share your site

    Now that you've created your site, share and collaborate with others! Click More actions in the top right of any page and select Share this site.

    As the site owner, you can control who can edit and view your site by adding others as owners, collaborators, or viewers.

    • Viewers can only view the content on your site (they won't be able to make changes or invite others to view your site). Remember, if you make your site available to your entire domain, you do not need to send invitations for specific people to view it.
    • Collaborators can create, edit, organize and delete pages. 
    • Owners can do everything a collaborator can do, PLUS edit themes/layout, delete the site, and invite other owners, collaborators or viewers.



    • ONEOffice Sites is a Web Content Management System which allows customers to create their websites in a templated and wizard-driven process.
    • ONEOffice Sites does not support hosting of Flash files, backend databases or scripting languages. It is not a Web Hosting service.
    • ONEOffice Sites does not support FTP upload of existing web pages or sites.
    • Existing websites that were created and hosted by web developers cannot be uploaded into ONEOffice.
    • Customers will need to recreate their websites in ONEOffice Sites using the easy to use self-service tools or engage our partners to perform a chargeable one-time migration service.
    • ONEOffice Sites do not place any visitor bandwidth restrictions on the web site.



    Manage Sites



    To manage your site, click on the More actions at the upper right corner of your page then select Manage site.




    On the left side of the page, you will see a lot of features used to manage your Site Content, Site Settings and Site Appearance.


    Site Settings


    The General tab of the Manage Site screen contains the controls for most of the more "technical" aspects of your Google Sites website:

    • Site Name, Category and Description
    • Landing Page
    • Statistics
    • Web Address Mapping
    • Google Webmaster Tools Verification
    • Mobile
    • Access Settings
    • Copy, Delete and Publish Site

    Sharing and Permissions

    The Sharing and Permissions tab provides site owners the ability to define exactly who can view your Google Sites website, and with what permissions.  You may obtain your site location in this tab.

    If your site is private, you can share your site to allow individual people to view or edit your site. If your site is public, your site will already be viewable by anyone, but you can share your site to allow other people to edit your site.

    Once you click Change, you can choose from the visibility options below:


    Web Address Mapping


    Sites created through OneOffice can only be mapped to a custom URL by the administrator for the OneOffice account. If you are an administrator, you can map a site to your Apps URL ( by following these steps:

    1. On OneOffice Dashboard, at the Admin settings, under Google CPanel, click on Manage.



    1. On Google CPanel Dashboard, select Service Settings.
    2. Click Sites under the drop down menu and select the Web Address Mapping tab.





    1. Click Add a new web address.
    2. Enter the name of the site you want to map to your Apps URL.





    1. In the Web Address field, enter the sub-domain you'd like to map the site to. (For example, if you want to map your site to "", the sub-domain would be "www".)
    2. Click Save changes and follow the steps given on the next page to update CNAME record on Singnet Domain Management ( ). For 3rd Party Domains (not hosted under Singnet), you need to update the Domain CNAME records with the current domain host.


    Notes about changing your URL




    • Mappings are restricted to sub-domain level only, such as,, or You can't map your domain to what is known as a naked domain, such as
    • You can map up to five sub-domains to a given site.

    Sub-domains are only allowed for OneOffice Sites only. Customer unable to create sub-domains for OneOffice Mail, Docs and Calendar
    For example: OneOffice Mail is "" but customer is trying to customize to sub-domain "". This is not supported for OneOffice.