Singapore Budget 2017: Highlights for SMEs

By myBusiness team

SME owners will be happy to see more support that will help them navigate an uncertain economic future. Policies announced during the Singapore Budget 2017 will help SMEs deal with short-term problems as well as help them look toward the mid- to long-term future.

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IndoChine founder's 4 factors for transforming business vision into reality

As a small and medium enterprise (SME) owner you already have a vision for your business. You put in the focus, determination and persistence to reach your business endeavours. Yet you may encounter times where you have difficulties realising your new vision. Here’s how to turn any vision into reality.

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Turn subscribers into customers with these simple email marketing tactics

Building a database of customer emails that you can market to is great, but being able to turn email subscribers into loyal customers is even better. Here are some simple tips to help you do that.

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How to optimise e-mail marketing for mobile

Should you use e-mail marketing? How effective is it? Studies have shown that reaching out to clients via e-mail delivers the highest return on investment. But it is important for companies to make their e-mail blasts mobile friendly. 

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7 ways to avoid late payments from customers

All businesses have to chase slow paying clients at some point. Unmanageable accounts will put a major halt on cash flow, which is a huge problem especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Here are some easy and effective ways you can help you deal with late paying customers.

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