How do SMBs feel about Budget 2022?

By myBusiness Team

Singapore small businesses have been under pressure largely because of pandemic and associated lockdowns. After Budget 2022, how do SMBs feel about the future?

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5 basic SMB cybersecurity tips that still work today

Owing to their smaller sizes and lack of resources compared to larger enterprises, SMBs can become easier targets for cyber criminals. By following these tried-and-tested cybersecurity best practices, they can reduce the odds of cyber incidents today.

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How SMBs can drive productivity even in hybrid work

Hybrid work may be gaining favour among employees but how can businesses ensure that productivity is not compromised in such flexible arrangements?

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5 simple SaaS solutions to help SMBs boost employee morale

As more workers face burnout and reevaluate their jobs, businesses may need to find new ways of keeping them engaged and happy at work. These simple SaaS solutions can help boost employee morale and bring out their best at work.

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Best practices for SMBs to back up and safeguard data

Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important part of SMB plans to protect and grow their business. With more transactions conducted digitally, businesses need to ensure data collected is kept secure.

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