Government grants to help Singapore small business (2017 update)

By myBusiness team

It is not too late to take stock of the grants and schemes dedicated to SMEs that were outlined in the 2017 Budget. These will give companies a head start in the new year. 

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Only 14% of local SMEs intend to internationalise - QBE study

A recent QBE study of more than 400 firms has highlighted the reluctance of Singaporean SMEs to expand internationally. Just 14% of domestic firms intend to internationalise while nearly half strongly prefer to keep their business within Singapore for the foreseeable future. Why are firms here so uneasy about chasing growth in new markets?

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Five reasons why SMEs should move their accounting to the cloud

SMEs already use many cloud services, including internet banking, social media or storage services. However, many businesses don’t realise that they can move their accounting there too.

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Can AI really revolutionise SME business? thinks so

Founders of, an AI scheduling assistant, talk about artificial intelligence technology and how it can benefit small business. 

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How SMEs Can Successfully Build and Utilise Their Email List

Email marketing, which is nearly half a century old, is still evolving. It remains king for promoting your business – still the most profitable channel to drive revenue and sales.

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