Automating your business - Tips from a convenience store owner

By myBusiness team

Automating your work processes has many advantages and can cut costs. For Alex Song, automation saved his ‘mama’ shop $1,500 on man power costs. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Here’s what you need to consider before automating your business.

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What is UTM tracking and what can it tell me?

How do you know which marketing campaigns attracted which visitors to your website? UTM tracking can help you identify them on Google Analytics.

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Track Your Digital Campaigns to Maximise Results

When you create a digital campaign, you will always have some goals you'd want to achieve. Keeping track of your web visitor's journey using tracking pixels allow you to see if your campaign journey is working and leading to conversions.

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Five ways to create a happy and productive workplace

For SMEs having a happy and productive workforce is crucial to business growth and success. Luckily there are techniques business owners can use to increase both employee satisfaction and productivity.

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Four Content Marketing Principles Every Small Business Should Live By

Content marketing can sound like something done by big companies backed by equally big budgets. The truth is small business can also connect with their customers using content marketing techniques. It's affordable and effective.

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