Singapore Budget 2018: Highlights for SMEs

By myBusiness team

Singapore Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat announced a string of policies to help SMEs expand, innovate and remain competitive. He also introduced several prudent measures to ensure Singapore's continued growth.

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The advantages of a unique selling proposition on marketing

A company or product's unique selling proposition can set the foundation for an effective marketing strategy—if it's done right.

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How can the Product Solutions Grant help SMEs remain competitive?

Innovation and technology need not be out-of-reach and expensive. For SMEs willing to take the jump, the Productivity Solutions Grant helps to support companies keen on adopting IT solutions.

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SME Centre Conference 2018: Technology, Trade and Talent

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) were presented with ideas around growing their business and staying competitive at the event.

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How will China’s development impact small businesses in South East Asia?

Southeast Asian small and medium sized businesses are facing a significant shift in the economic landscape thanks to China and its potential trade war with the U.S. because of tariff hikes plus the Belt and Road Initiative.

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