Go Digital is here to help SMEs transform in the digital economy

By myBusiness team

To say SMEs are a vital part of the Singapore economy would be an understatement. The segment makes up 99% of all local enterprises and they employ 70% of the island’s workforce. For them to stay afloat in an increasingly digital economy is vital. The SMEs Go Digital Programme is set to ensure this happens.

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Three customer relationship tips for better sales

Sales is all about relationships with customers and a good relationship is never a one-way street. There must be give and take on both side. Here's how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can form solid ties with customers.

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How to grow a traditional business with online marketing - Royal Insignia

Transitioning from traditional business practices to online marketing is a big step. If handled properly though it can lead to greater business growth. Here’s how one Singapore based SME managed to successfully transform its traditional business using online marketing.

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Building your own website can be easy and affordable

You don’t have to be a professional web designer or an IT expert to build a business website. You don’t even have to manage technical aspects such as website hosts or servers. Most importantly you don’t need a lot of money to build a great-looking website. You can use affordable website builders to set-up your page all by yourself.

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The 5 rules to successful lunch meeting

Singapore SME owner Simon Kearney shares his philosophy of lunch. Why lunch meetings are an essential element of business leadership and simple rules such as why lunch should only ever be for two people.

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