Government grants to help Singapore small business (2017 update)

By myBusiness team

It is not too late to take stock of the grants and schemes dedicated to SMEs that were outlined in the 2017 Budget. These will give companies a head start in the new year. 

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Redesigning Your Business Website: When And How?

Your first business website won’t be your last. As your business grows and changes, so should its website. How do you go about a redesign?

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Small business and the cashless future

The race to be the dominant cashless payment system has heated up in the past year. But do they actually help small businesses? Will Singapore follow China’s example and dethrone cash as king?

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Five Tips For Choosing The Right Web Designer For Your Business

Deciding one out of the thousands of web designers in the market today for your website may seem like an immense task. Here are some tips to finding your perfect partner to solve your web design challenge.

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How ViSenze brought Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the e-commerce market

Siri, Alexa and self-driving cars – these are examples of artificial intelligence at work. Singaporean startup ViSenze uses the technology to run visual searches, for e-commerce players such as ASOS and Rakuten. 

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