Payment for myBusiness Apps

When you convert your free trial to paid service or buy a new app, you are required to pay using your Singtel Business billing account. Only selected apps and offers can be paid using a credit card (click here for more information).

  1. Why do I need to enter my billing details?
    Your billing details are required for verification and security reasons.
  2. Where can I find my billing account?
    You can refer to your Singtel bill for the account details. Please see a sample of the bill below.

  3. I am a new customer, how do I get a Singtel billing account?
    You can contact us through the following:
    • Call us: 1800-BUY-SaaS (1800-289-7227)
      (Mon-Fri: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm)
    • Email us:
    • Visit us: Singtel shop Comcentre
      (31 Exeter Road, Comcentre Business Counter, Singapore 239833)

      For visit to the Singtel shop Comcentre, please present the following documents in order to transact on behalf of your Business/Company:
      - Company Business Profile (must be within the month of application)
      - Letter of Authorisation for the Bearer (under Company letterhead)
      - Original Bearer's documents: NRIC or Employment Pass/ Staff Pass (together with photo identification, e.g. Passport)
  4. Alternatively, you can pay through the same business billing account as your mobile number.
      4a. Why do I need to enter my mobile number?
          We will bill your subscription to the same business billing account you used for your mobile number.
      4b. How do you ensure there will be no unauthorised use of my mobile number?
          You will receive a one-time password on the mobile number you entered to complete the billing setup.
      4c. I am a Singtel mobile subscriber, but the system does not allow me to charge to my bill.
          Currently, we are only accepting payment through Singtel business billing account. You may wish to create a new business billing account to do so.


Payment by credit card

Now you also have the convenience to pay selected apps using your credit card.

  1. What are the apps that I can pay using credit card on Singtel myBusiness?
    Currently, credit card is accepted for selected apps and offers. This includes Essentials Payslip, Web Builder, Business Email Hosting, Business Web Hosting, Business Domain Name & Hosting, MecWise Payroll, MecWise Claims, MecWise Time Management, MecWise Employee Self-Service, Second CRM, eShop Builder, 6Parcels Courier Management on myBusiness. We hope to make credit card payment option available to more in the near future. 
  2. I am currently paying for apps on my Singtel business billing account. Can I convert my mode of payment to credit card?
    No, you are not allowed to convert the payment mode of your myBusiness account to credit card once it is on Singtel business billing account.
  3. Can I pay for apps on myBusiness using both Singtel business billing account and credit card?
    No, this is not allowed as you can only have one mode of payment on myBusiness for every SaaS App.
  4. How can I make a payment using my credit card?
    First, click “Buy now” on the SaaS app you wish to purchase. Select credit card payment mode. Then, click “Next.” You will be redirected to credit card enrolment page to submit your credit card details for authorisation. Once the enrolment is approved, you can proceed to checkout and payment will be made. The credit card that you have enrolled will be used for subsequent billing.
  5. Why is there a $1.00 fee shown during the credit card enrolment process. Will I be billed?
    Credit card enrolment process is required to authorise your credit card details. A fee of $1.00 will be held by your bank for verification purposes and will be charged back to your account once enrolment is completed. Please be assured that you will not be billed for this process.
  6. Can I pay for apps using different credit card on myBusiness?
    Yes, you can use different credit card to pay for apps. Please note that the latest credit card used for the payment will be retained on our record for purpose of successful renewal of your app.
  7. Which credit cards do you accept?
    myBusiness accepts 3D Secure (3DS)-enabled VISA and MasterCard. All other cards will not be accepted.
  8. What is 3D Secure?
    3D Secure is an enhanced security protection provided by VISA and MasterCard to protect card holders from fraudulent transactions. A one-time password (OTP) will be required when you enroll your card during first credit card transaction and will be sent to you via SMS or generated by your online security device as a second level of authentication.
  9. How will I be billed if I pay using my credit card?
    You will be billed the full service term upfront when you make payment through your credit card. For example, if you subscribe to a 12-month service, the deduction will be for the full 12-month.
  10. Can I opt for monthly billing through my credit card?
    Monthly billing is available only for customers with Singtel business billing account.
  11. Do I need to renew subscription for my apps?
    For your convenience, myBusiness renews your apps by default so there is no disruption to your service.
  12. Will I get notified before my credit card is charged for the renewal?
    myBusiness will send a billing advise in advance (60 days before the end of service term) as a reminder for the renewal of your apps before any charges is made to your credit card on our record.
  13. How do I stop the renewal for my apps?
    To stop the renewal for your apps, you will need to submit a termination request at myBusiness at least 30 days before the end of your apps' service term.
  14. I want to upgrade my apps to a higher-priced offer within the service term. Is that possible?
    Yes, you can upgrade to a higher offer, and top up the price difference.
  15. When I upgrade my apps, will my service term be extended or re-started?
    Your service term will be re-started.
  16. I want to downgrade my apps to a lower-priced offer. Is that possible?
    Yes, but the downgrade to a lower-priced offer will only happen by end of your current subscription term.
  17. What should I do if I want to change my payment mode from credit card to Singtel business billing account?
    Please click here to contact us. Please note that upon changing your payment mode to Singtel business billing account, all future new purchases on myBusiness will be made to your Singtel business billing account.
  18. When can I change my payment mode to Singtel business billing account?
    You should submit the request at least 30 days in advanced of the intended effective date. Fees and charges for renewal of your SaaS will be effective on the next anniversary date.
  19. Can I change or update my credit card details?
    Yes, your company's Primary Administrator can change or update credit card details anytime on myBusiness.
  20. What happens when I change or update my credit card details?
    When the change is effected, all future fees and charges related to your apps renewal will be made to that credit card.
  21. What happens if myBusiness is unable to charge to my credit card for renewal of my apps?
    myBusiness will send an email notification to your contact email address on record that your apps renewal has failed. You are responsible to take appropriate corrective action on myBusiness to renew before expiry of your apps' service term.
  22. What happens if my failed renewal is not corrected before the end of my apps' service term?
    We will deem it as your decision to terminate your apps and myBusiness will terminate your apps at the end of the service term.
  23. What happens if my enrolled credit card expires?
    myBusiness will not be able to renew your SaaS successfully. You are responsible to update your credit card details on myBusiness when there is any changes to ensure a successful renewal of your apps.
  24. When can I terminate my apps if I am on credit card payment mode?
    You can terminate your apps at anytime.
  25. Do I get a refund if I terminate my apps?
    There is no refund.