Using SaaS Apps

  1. Step 1: Try the apps for free

    We encourage you to try out the recommended apps that are on free trial. Follow the simple steps below and you can use it in a matter of few minutes! The free trial is available to all business-registered customers, including non-SingTel subscribers. In your Launchpad, you can either try the recommended apps or access the Catalogue under 'SaaS Apps'.

    Select the app that you wish to try to find out more. Click 'Free Trial' in the Offer tab.

    You will arrive at Shopping Cart page. The item you have selected is indicated in the Cart. Please read the Terms and Conditions and tick the checkbox. Click 'Proceed to checkout' or you can continue to shop for more apps.

    Review your order and click 'Submit my Order'.

    The transaction is completed.

    Click 'Home' and you will see the app in your Dashboard.

  2. Step 2: Creating a User in myBusiness

    Whether you have just purchase a trial or an app, you need to assign in the company to use it. For example, if you have purchased an Accounting app, you need to appoint your Accounting Manager to access the app.

    The number of users for each app differs. Please check the app for the number of users you can assigned.

    Before you assign the user, you need to ensure the user is created in myBusiness.

    After you have login to myBusiness, mouse over to ‘SaaS Apps’ and click ‘Access Apps (Dashboard)’. Then click ‘Manage Users’.

    Click ‘Create User

    In the Create User page, fill in all the fields required.

    • As an Administrator, you can limit the user’s access to the other features (Insights and Opportunities) in myBusiness.
    • You can also select the Password for your User by checking the box. By default, the system will send the One-Time-Password (OTP) notification to your User to set a Password upon first login.

    Once you are done, click ‘Save

    If all fields are entered correctly, you will see the message that the User has been created successfully.

    Click ‘Manage Users’ to verify that you have created the user details successfully.

  3. Step 3: Assign a service and licence to a user

    After you have successfully created the user details, you can assign the user to the app that you have purchased.

    Go to your Launchpad and click ‘Assign User’.

    Select the user that you want to assign to access the app.

    Then click ‘Assign’.

    For selected apps, you need to specify the access rights of the user. Select the user licence and click ‘Ok’.

    It will take the system a while to assign the user licence. You just need to refresh the page within minutes and the status will be updated.

  4. Step 4: Start to use your app

    After you have assigned your Users, you are ready to use your app. Just click ‘Launch’ beside the App or click on the App icon.

    For help on using the apps, you can refer to Apps Support under Help Centre.