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5 reasons for Singapore SME to automate HR functions

An HR department spends 50% of its time on average processing staff information and answering queries. Recent enhancements to automated HR functions give SMEs enterprise-grade solutions for managing end-to-end employees’ needs with just a little upfront investment.

With HR automation, SMEs not only save time and money, but it is also the first steps towards improving job satisfaction among employees.

Reasons to automate
Comply with government regulations, make fewer errors: As all SMEs must provide full pay slips to employees, HR software that automatically factors in mandatory benefits and deductions eliminates manual calculations and minimises or even eradicates errors. Singtel’s MecWise Payroll calculates bonus, advance pay, monthly variable component (MVC), etc, enabling companies to comply with this requirement.

Empowers staff to manage leave and personal data: A Hunter Group HR Survey reveals that self-service improves employee satisfaction and builds loyalty.

Singtel’s MecWise Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution is a web-based employee and leave management solution allowing staff to request leave online and keep track of leave dates. They can update their personal details, skills set, and job history, etc. anytime and from anyplace with Internet access.

Helps managers make informed decisions: Today’s HR systems come with features that help companies collect business intelligence from data within their organisations.

MecWise Payroll allows easy collation of staff records and storage of their profiles and details, making it easy for managers to track an individual’s career progression and identify areas for improvements through training and other programmes.

Cuts down administrative processes: Companies are believed to spend between 7% and 50% of their time handling employee-related paperwork. Automating HR functions lets them process payroll and benefit information more quickly and efficiently without additional resources.The Hunter survey also found that companies with successful self-service implementations reported a staff-to-employee ratio of 1:151 while companies without self-service had a ratio of 1:99.

MecWise Claims enables HR staff to streamline and simplify employee claims processes using a simple 3-step process. With documents stored in the cloud, the company doesn’t need to worry about losing claim forms or supporting receipts needed for audit purpose.

MecWise Time Management, which adopts the Employment Act’s best practices, simplifies timesheet tracking and roster planning by helping HR staff see employee clock-in and clock-out hours, shift rosters, hours worked, and timesheets at a glance.
Frees up HR time for enhancing job satisfaction: HR departments often organise in-house programmes to improve staff morale, upgrade staff skills, and build staff retention and loyalty. Automating HR functions frees up HR staff time for these programmes.
Penalties for non-compliance

Companies found not complying with the Employment Act face stiff penalties. To avoid overlooking any amendments, automate your HR process to keep up with updates to the Employment Act.

MecWise solutions comprise fully automated HR applications that manage the basic HR function and are updated with any changes the government introduces.

MecWise Solutions offers:
  • Means to comply with policy changes
  • Automated and simplified design for business users
  • Access anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Cost-effectiveness, without upfront investment
  • Scalability — add employees as your company grows