App Password Sync feature by administrator

  1. What is App Password Sync?
    App Password Sync is a feature which allows users to sync myBusiness passwors and SaaS Apps password (a password that is required to access the app itself). Both myBusiness password and App password will be similar and the password is updated from one location - account settings in myBusiness portal. At the moment, the App Password Sync feature is available to ONEOffice.
  2. How to enable the App Password Sync feature?
    Only myBusiness Primary Administrator and User Administrator can enable this feature. 
    • Login to myBusiness
    • Under 'My Account', select 'Company Information' tab
    • Under 'Apps Password Sync', you will see ONEOffice. 
    • Select 'Yes' to sync up your application
    • Click 'Save' button
    • For App Password Sync to be effective, individual user needs to update his myBusiness password in 'My Account / Change Password' tab. The new password can now be used for both myBusiness and SaaS app