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What SMEs need to consider about online marketing campaigns

In the digital age, entrepreneurs need to have a clear online marketing strategy to strengthen their brands and companies. 

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How you can easily create marketing videos with a smartphone

Video has been touted as one of the most powerful marketing tools especially with its popularity on social media. It has become a tool where businesses can easily connect with consumers - given their shorter attention spans.

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Gain more marketing insight from your website using Google Analytics

Analytics for your website can tell you more than just the number of people who visited your website. Analytics can provide businesses with more insights that can influence marketing strategies.

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SMEs need mobile friendly sites to stay ahead in search rankings

As more emphasis is placed on mobile-friendly sites, digital agency APD’s digital director Ed Choa, and SEO director, Saiful Nur Adil Haris, talk about how the things to take note of when designing a device-responsive website.

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Case study: How Ascent Solutions achieved success by going digital

With Singapore’s commitment to move towards a Smart Nation, it is clear that SMEs are in a prime spot to take advantage of the support available and develop their digital capabilities. We speak to Ascent Solutions, which has excelled by tapping... Read more »

Social media 101: Harnessing social media platforms for business

The social media landscape can seem challenging to keep up with at times, but SMEs shouldn’t shy away. Here are a few simple tips next time you're thinking of tweeting, pinning or posting about your business.


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