Singapore Budget 2019 update: Policies for SMEs

By myBusiness team

As Singapore marks the bicentennial year of its founding, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat reflected on the hurdles that the colonial port has managed to overcome. In the same spirit, he urged Singaporeans to confront today's challenges with grit and determination. Here are some highlights from the budget speech that may affect SMEs.

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The advantages of a unique selling proposition on marketing

A company or product's unique selling proposition can set the foundation for an effective marketing strategy—if it's done right.

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How can the Product Solutions Grant help SMEs remain competitive?

Innovation and technology need not be out-of-reach and expensive. For SMEs willing to take the jump, the Productivity Solutions Grant helps to support companies keen on adopting IT solutions.

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SME Centre Conference 2018: Technology, Trade and Talent

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) were presented with ideas around growing their business and staying competitive at the event.

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How will China’s development impact small businesses in South East Asia?

Southeast Asian small and medium sized businesses are facing a significant shift in the economic landscape thanks to China and its potential trade war with the U.S. because of tariff hikes plus the Belt and Road Initiative.

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