Admin Guide: Setting Up

Getting Started 

When you login for the first time as an admin, you will see the guided setup process. Just follow the steps and you will be good to go. 


Company Profile 

You can update your company profile by going to Settings > Company Profile. Here you can change Your Company name, Registration Number and Logo. 

Managing Employees and Leave Entitlement 

To add new employees, navigate to Settings > Manage Employees. You can choose to Import or Add manually.

You may also edit their profile or edit their leave entitlement here by clicking "Edit Profile" or "Edit Leave"  

Managing Applications 

To see all leave and claims that has been applied by each employees, you may go to Manage Applications > Manage Leaves or Manage Claims.

Here you can see all the applications that has been made. You can filter down to your choice or Export as csv file.

You may also choose to view individual item by clicking "View" or voiding them by clicking "Void" on the Action column 

Managing Types 

You can configure the leave or claims type by going to Manage Types > Manage Leave Types or Manage Leave Claims. 

By default there is a list of leave and claim types that has been populated. You may choose to add new types, edit, or remove them 



Add Claim Limit and Account code 

When creating new claim types, you can include a limit based on time period, or each claim. This will limit your employee on how much they can submit for claims based on the types.

You may also add account code for accoutnting purposes. When exporting claims, the account code will show accodringly. 


*take note that this feature is only available in Pro 


Add Holidays 

Adding holidays will help to exclude days that are not needed during a leave application.

You can choose to iumport Singapore leaves , or create/remove other days 


*take note that this feature is only available in Pro