SingNet Desktop Security

  1. General

    1. Why is it important that the computers in my company are protected?
    Companies having unprotected PCs in their network, connected to a broadband line will get infected by a virus or other malware in a timespan of no more than 16 seconds to 5 min after making the first online connection. Other online threats and annoyances include trojan horses, worms, spyware, hacker attacks, spam, inappropriate content and many more. The typical consequences of Internet malware infections for companies range from loss of files and slower computer performance to theft of confidential company data and loss of revenue.

    2. What is the minimum level of protection that I need to have?
    Most companies are accessing the Internet through a broadband or “always-on” connection. “Always-on” also means that their system is more open and vulnerable to different types of system intruders such as hackers. As a result, antivirus protection alone is not enough. Antivirus software will primarily protect your computer against viruses. The Internet Shield, which includes a firewall that protects your computer against other types of Internet threats such as hackers, worms and trojan horses, which cannot be fully detected by any antivirus software on its own. As a result, it is advisable to always subscribe to Virus and Spy Protection and Internet Shield service components to achieve maximum protection.

    3. Why do I need an antivirus on my computer?
    Otherwise, viruses will infect your computer. A computer virus attaches itself to, overwrites or otherwise replaces another program in order to reproduce itself without your knowledge. This may quickly use your entire computer’s available memory and slow down the system or bring it to a halt. Viruses may damage data files or attempt to destroy files or make disks unreadable. Still others cause unintended damage. Viruses can delete files, format hard drives or mix up the data on them.

    4. Why do I need a firewall on my computer?
    To be protected against hackers and malicious software. Hackers are constantly looking for opportunities to access computers to steal passwords, financial or other types of confidential information and files. Hostile software writers have increasingly found ways to establish hazardous attacks through the launch of trojan horses and worms. These types of malware are able to take over control over your computer.

    5. Why do I need spam control on my computer?
    To be protected against e-mail spam messages. Unsolicited commercial e-mail, better known as spam, is a major problem. Spammers can send out millions of mails with minimal cost. The amount of spam has increased heavily over the years. Besides spam being an every day hassle for employees, it also leads to receiving a high amount of offensive content, it increases the risk for virus infections and it lowers employee productivity.

    6. Why do I need rootkit protection?
    Rootkit is typically used to hide malicious software like viruses, spyware, adware, backdoors, trojans and worms from users, system tools and antivirus programs. They can be used for malicious purposes, like stealing confidential information or damaging your systems.

    7. Why do I need desktop-based security service?

    No single countermeasure can protect a network from every conceivable threat. For effective risk management, multiple safeguards must be used, and they must be applied at multiple points throughout the company. No matter how much perimeter security you buy, malware won't come solely from the outside via the Internet. Users unwittingly bring hostile code into your organization. And consider industrial sabotage--intruders and disgruntled employees can take advantage of poor internal protection. The least obvious but most common security breach over the desktop is the innocent user downloading dangerous code. You'd be negligent if you didn't protect your systems with proper desktop-based security. That's what makes a comprehensive desktop-based security suite essential, even for the most cost-conscious companies.


    8. Why should I subscribe for SingNet Desktop Security service and not buy from a retailer or shop?
    SingNet Desktop Security service, unlike retail product, is a managed desktop-based security service on monthly subscription that comes complete with comprehensive security features including virus and spyware protection, internet shield, spam and application control and 24/7 service support, giving you 24/7 protection, removing the complexity of IT security from your company and most importantly, relieving you of the cumbersome tasks when buying retail product such as manually configuring and installing software on each PC separately and later manually reconfiguring and re-installing each PC separately when adding new software components etc.


    9. There was already antivirus software installed on my computer when I bought it. Why would I need SingNet Desktop Security service?
    · Antivirus alone is not enough. The minimum level of protection is antivirus and firewall, always! (See above for more information).

    · The antivirus license that you got together with your computer needs to be renewed after a year

    · When buying a new computer, you often get automatic antivirus coverage as part of the package. Typically, this antivirus is 6 months free to use. Afterwards, the customer needs to pay a full yearly license if he/she wishes to keep using it. If the consumer ignores this and does not pay this price, his/her antivirus will no longer receive antivirus updates, leaving him/her unprotected to new threats. Additionally, an antivirus program by itself does not provide customers with the fullest protection.

    · Subscribing SingNet Desktop Security service takes away these hassles and leaves the initiative of securing the customer more in the hands of the service provider. Customers can order a combo suite (antivirus and firewall) or a full security suite for a small monthly fee, to be paid on top of your broadband access invoice.


    10. I have free security software from the Internet. Why should I start paying for one?

    It is almost impossible for free software to offer the same quality of service compared to a paying service. SingNet delivers the customer security software in co-operation with F-Secure, a leading antivirus software company. Analysing Internet threats and pushing out virus updates is F-Secure’s core business. F-Secure deploys teams of highly skilled experts that work around the clock to provide fast reaction times to any new threat. No antivirus product is better than the definition update service that it relies upon. Keeping up with the rapidly changing virus situation requires a significant investment from the antivirus vendor. It is very hard for vendors of free software to maintain a high level of detection over any longer period of time.


    11. Is the service really updated automatically?
    Yes. SingNet Desktop Security updates itself automatically when the computer is connected to the Internet. However, the users are protected by SingNet Desktop Security even if the connection to the Internet is not enabled. With F-Secure BlackLightTM and DeepGuardTM features (comes with the 2010 version), you will always be protected against the latest malware and Internet threats. The F-Secure BlacklightTM will scan for rootkits which hide itself in your computer and then passes it to the scan engine for necessary actions. F-Secure DeepguardTM constantly monitors your computer making sure that no malicious programs can take over your computer even if you do not have the latest updates.


    12. What are the system requirements for SingNet Desktop Security 2011?
    Computer system minimum requirement for SingNet Desktop Security 2011

    Windows XP (32-bit) SP2 or newer
    Edition: Home, Professional and Media Center editions
    Processor: Intel Pentium III 1Gz or higher
    Memory : 512MB or more
    Hard drive space: 800MB free HD space
    Display: 8-bit or more (256 colors)
    Internet Connection: An Internet connection is required in order to validate your subscription and receive updates
    Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer

    Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32- and 64-bits)
    Edition: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, Enterprise
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2GHz or higher
    Memory: 1GB or more
    Hard drive space: 800MB free HD space
    Display: 16-bit or more (65000 colors)
    Internet Connection: An Internet connection is required in order to validate your subscription and receive updates
    Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer


    13. Can I install the SingNet Desktop Security software to my staff's computer via the Management Portal?

    You can remotely push the client package to your desired workstation. Without installing SingNet Desktop Security, the Management Portal will not be able to “communicate” with any computers. After you have downloaded SingNet Desktop Security client package, you may find this new tool – Remote Installation Tool. After you have downloaded this tool onto your computer, you’ll be able to remotely push the client package to your desired workstations respectively. Only the Network Administrator in your company who has the Administrator-level rights can do remote installation of the software to target computers.

  2. Management Portal

    1. What is the SingNet Desktop Security Online Management Portal?
    The SingNet Desktop Security Online Management Portal provides you with overview information about the security of your computer network. It also provides you with information on how to solve specific issues through an easy-to-use web interface.  

    2. Why do I need online Management Portal?
    The online Management Portal gives you access to 24/7 security overview on all computers covered by the service. It enables subscription management; real-time monitoring of the network status and security risks, which then can be addressed without delay.

    3. How do I access online Management Portal?
    Please login to myBusiness Dashboard at the top right corner in Then click on “My Services” on the right site. To access the online Management Portal, please click on the “Launch App” below SingNet Desktop Security.

    4. I need to install SingNet Desktop Security software on a new employee’s computer, where can I find my Subscription Key?
    Your Subscription Key is available in the Online Management Portal under “Subscriptions” tab. The “Subscriptions” page will display the Subscription Key assigned to you.

    5. How do I know how many licenses I have?
    The Online Management Portal provides you with information on your license usage. Always make sure that you have unused licenses before you install the security software to a new computer. If you try to install the software without any free license, the installation will not succeed.
    To check how many unused licenses you have, follow the steps below:
        1. Log in to the Online Management Portal (please refer to question 3).
        2. Click the “Subscriptions” tab.
        3. The page will show the Subscription Key and the number of licenses that are in use.  

    6. I have to replace my old computer with a new one and now I do not have any more license for use. How can I free up a license from the old computer?
    You can remove the license from the unused old computer by following these instructions:

    1. Log in to the Online Management Portal (please refer to question 3).
    2. Select the “Subscriptions” tab.
    3. Click on “Show Computers”.
    4. Click on the checkbox beside the name of the old computer.
    5. Click on the “Remove Computers” button to free up the license from the selected computer

    7. Can users give a copy of the software or the Subscription Key to an outsider?
    No. Each installation of the software needs to be made using a subscription key. If an outsider installs the service using your company’s Subscription Key, it will be deducted from the amount of your unused licenses. Distributing the SingNet Desktop Security without permission is against copyright laws.


    1. How do I know if my users’ computers are protected?
    The online Management Portal provides you with an overview of the corporate security within the network and allows you to investigate possible problems. You can verify if there are any security issues requiring your attention by logging in to the portal and checking the status on the “Home” page.

    2. How can I change the Security profiles for computers in my company’s network?
    Please follow the steps below:
        1. Log in to the Online Management Portal
        2. Click on the “Computers” tab.
        3. Click on the checkboxes next to the names of computers that you want to apply the profile to.
        4. Click “Assign profile” and select a profile that you would like to apply

    3. User has formatted hard drive, what do I need to do?
    Basically you do not need to do anything, except to reinstall the SingNet Desktop Security software using the same Subscription Key.

    4. Can I grant access of the Management Portal to other users to view?
    Yes. The Network Administrator can create and assign a user under myBusiness marketplace portal to grant another user to view the Online Management Portal. Please follow the steps below:

    1. Log in to the myBusiness marketplace via
    2. Click on “My Services” on the left   
    3. Click “Manage Licenses” under SingNet Desktop Security.
    4. Select a user from the list given to assign the access
    5. Alternatively, you can search and create user from the “Users” tab on the left.

  3. Security Software


    1. I have subscribed to SingNet Desktop Security service but am unable to complete the installation of my software. Why?
    The most frequently happened causes of unsuccessful installations are:

    1. You still have old security software installed on your PC. This software should be uninstalled before installing SingNet Desktop Security service. Please uninstall this old security software manually.
    2. Your PC might be infected with a virus, which prevents the installation of SingNet Desktop Security.

    2. How do I know that the software is properly installed and running?
    Please check the SingNet Desktop Security icon displayed on your Windows system tray, which can be found on the bottom right corner of your screen. If the product installation is still ongoing you can see an indication above the icon. In case of product malfunction or out-of-date databases, the icon will change accordingly.

    3. How do I install the software?
    You could login to management portal to download software. For more information, please view another question on “How do I access online Management Portal from SDP?”
    Once you login to the Management Portal, please click on “Download Software” at the top left hand corner of the Management Portal to download the SingNet Desktop Security software installer. Then please refer to the Installation Guide on how to install the software in “Help Center” via

    4. Does SingNet Desktop Security work with another antivirus or firewall software, which was previously installed on our company computers?
    No. You cannot have two of the same service components from different vendors installed on your PC (e.g. two antivirus solutions from different vendors). You must remove any other antivirus or firewall software before installing SingNet Desktop Security. SingNet Desktop Security will automatically detect and remove your old antivirus and/or firewall software (only well-known brands) during the installation.

    5. After I have installed the software and restarted the computer, the computer seems to freeze and does not react. What is happening?
    You are most likely to have installed the application on top of an existing antivirus or firewall application, which was not automatically removed by the system during the installation. You will need to restart the computer and start the system in Safe Mode (restart computer, and then press and hold the F8 key; after a few seconds the system will show different boot options). Once the system is started in Safe Mode, you will need to uninstall the old antivirus and/or firewall application through the Control Panel. Then restart the computer as per normal.

    6. After the installation of SingNet Desktop Security software, I have no access to the Internet or my e-mail. Why?
    One possibility is that you have denied your browser’s network connections. To verify this, open the “Advanced” settings of your Personal Firewall. On the “Application Control” panel, you will see a list of allowed and denied applications. Check that the “Access” rule is on the “Allow” mode for your browser, e.g. “iexplore.exe” if you are using Internet Explorer.

    7. How do I uninstall the SingNet Desktop Security software?
    Follow the steps below to uninstall:

    1. Click on “Start” on the taskbar.
    2. Go to “Programs”
    3. Go to “SingNet Desktop Security”
    4. Click on Uninstall SingNet Desktop Security
    Restart your computer after completion.


    1. Are the security updates downloaded automatically?
    Yes. SingNet Desktop Security updates itself automatically. However, you need to be connected to the Internet for the update process to work properly.

    2. Why am I not able to change my security settings?
    The Network Administrator of your company may have chosen a “locked” profile for you. Please contact your Network Administrator to change profile for you if you really need to change certain settings.

    3. How do I protect my computer against spyware?
    SingNet Desktop Security has a real-time spyware scanning enabled by default. You may run a separate manual scan for spyware. 

    4. How do I restore quarantined spyware?
    This is how you can restore quarantined spyware:

    1. Launch SingNet Desktop Security software.
    2. Click on the “Virus & Spy Protection” tab.
    3. Click on “Configure” link for “Quarantined Spyware”.
    4. Select the spyware to restore and click on “Restore” button.

    5. Is SingNet Desktop Security software compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Security Center and the operating system’s internal firewall?
    Yes, it is compatible. After the SingNet Desktop Security has been installed, it is not necessary to have the Windows XP internal firewall enabled anymore.

    6. How does SingNet Desktop Security affect my computer?
    SingNet Desktop Security software will take a small portion of free resources from your computer. This might cause minor slowdown for the computer. However, SingNet Desktop Security software will not affect normal daily usage of the computer. 

    7. Why are Operating Systems Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME not supported?
    From August 2008 onwards, SingNet will not provide technical support for “SingNet Desktop Security” which runs on Windows 95, 98 and ME due to the product end-of-life.

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