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Singapore Budget 2017: Highlights for SMEs

SME owners will be happy to see more support that will help them navigate an uncertain economic future. Policies announced during the Singapore Budget 2017 will help SMEs deal with short-term problems as well as help them look toward the mid- to... Read more »

Singapore Budget 2017: Strategies to help SMEs navigate economic uncertainties in the future

How can SMEs ensure that they survive and stay relevant in an uncertain environment that is being constantly disrupted? The government recommended several strategies that businesses should undertake to stay ahead.

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What SMEs need to consider about online marketing campaigns

In the digital age, entrepreneurs need to have a clear online marketing strategy to strengthen their brands and companies. 

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Singapore Budget 2017: What would SMEs like to see in this year’s budget?

Amid a challenging economic outlook for Singapore, what could the Singapore Budget 2017 offer SMEs to make them smile? We asked some local business owners to share their wishlist for the year ahead.

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How you can easily create marketing videos with a smartphone

Video has been touted as one of the most powerful marketing tools especially with its popularity on social media. It has become a tool where businesses can easily connect with consumers - given their shorter attention spans.

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Prepare your employees for 2017 with these SkillsFuture courses

With sluggish economic growth wrapping up the end of 2016, it is important that SMEs encourage their employees to upgrade their skills so that businesses continue to stay relevant amid changes in the economic landscape. 

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How companies can benefit from digitising workflows

There has been a lot of talk of how going digital can improve productivity and reduce human error. One key trend that seem to sweeping businesses is Digital Transaction Management (DTM). What exactly is DTM? And how can it help companies digitise... Read more »

Gain more marketing insight from your website using Google Analytics

Analytics for your website can tell you more than just the number of people who visited your website. Analytics can provide businesses with more insights that can influence marketing strategies.

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What should you do after your business has been attacked by cyber criminals?

Has your business been hit by a cyber attack? If you run a small- or medium-sized enterprise (SME), you are not alone.  According to the global 2015 Internet Security Report, 60 per cent of all cyber attacks in 2014 were targeted at SMEs. It is... Read more »