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Singapore Budget 2017 Special: SMEs react to budget

SMEs continued to receive a lot of attention in the 2017 budget, with initiatives targeted at better equipping them for an uncertain economic future. Budget 2017 will support Singapore SMEs in dealing with some short-term challenges but was more... Read more »

Singapore Budget 2017: Highlights for SMEs

SME owners will be happy to see more support that will help them navigate an uncertain economic future. Policies announced during the Singapore Budget 2017 will help SMEs deal with short-term problems as well as help them look toward the mid- to... Read more »

Singapore Budget 2017: Strategies to help SMEs navigate economic uncertainties in the future

How can SMEs ensure that they survive and stay relevant in an uncertain environment that is being constantly disrupted? The government recommended several strategies that businesses should undertake to stay ahead.

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Singapore Budget 2017: What would SMEs like to see in this year’s budget?

Amid a challenging economic outlook for Singapore, what could the Singapore Budget 2017 offer SMEs to make them smile? We asked some local business owners to share their wishlist for the year ahead.

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Prepare your employees for 2017 with these SkillsFuture courses

With sluggish economic growth wrapping up the end of 2016, it is important that SMEs encourage their employees to upgrade their skills so that businesses continue to stay relevant amid changes in the economic landscape. 

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SME Focus: Financing a major challenge for SMEs in 2017

As economic growth in Singapore continues to slow at the tail end of 2016, SMEs will find financing a bigger challenge in the coming year, according to the latest SME Development Survey.

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Government Manpower Resources for Singapore SMEs

SMEs looking to expand their business can take advantage of government manpower resources that include grants,incentives and special schemes designed to enhance their productivity and benefit staff members.

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