Before purchasing PASS:

Before purchasing PASS:

1. You will not be able to change your domain name after your order has been successfully sent. 
2. Set up will be done over the phone, and will take an estimated 45 minutes to complete. 

Getting your domain, email and web hosting

By default, the purchaser will be assigned as the user in your company who will be contacted to provide us with the details needed to set up your hosting. 

If you are an existing myBusiness user, the Primary Administrator will be the default user to be contacted. 

To assign another user to submit content, you can manage your users via the myBusiness dashboard. 

You do not need to log in to your myBusiness account as you will be contacted by a technical specialist over the phone. 

The assigned user will receive an email once your order is submitted successfully. 

To update your records, simply log in to myBusiness and click on the Business Email Hosting icon on your dashboard. You will then be able to make the necessary changes. 

(Note: If you are using myBusiness for the first time, you will be required to update your Password and secret question for security purpose.)

Alternatively, you may click here to contact us. 

Dedicated Helpdesk

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