How do SMBs feel about Budget 2022?

By myBusiness Team

Singapore small businesses have been under pressure largely because of pandemic and associated lockdowns. After Budget 2022, how do SMBs feel about the future?

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Simplifying accounts for small business

When you’re running your own business you’re expected to manage every aspect of it. Finding the right accounting software lets you focus on the aspects of the business that drive growth. 

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How can classifying documents and sensitive information aid protection?

For every small business, different documents and data have different levels of sensitivity. How do you create different safeguards to ensure your information is safe and accessible to the people who need it?

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5 simple ways to focus on your business in 2019

Many SMEs are so busy that they have little time to stop and think about some simple and affordable steps they could take to make work easier. The digital age has made it easier for SMEs to break free of old processes which are inefficient and inhibit growth. Here are some ideas to help your business grow in 2019.

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How to prepare your business for a zero-day scenario

Keeping digital records and files safe is a relatively simple process. The right software will offer the protection you need to run your business and minimise malware threats. 

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