How do SMBs feel about Budget 2022?

By myBusiness Team

Singapore small businesses have been under pressure largely because of pandemic and associated lockdowns. After Budget 2022, how do SMBs feel about the future?

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The accountant or the accounting app: Why not use both?

Accountants and accounting software are part of day-to-day operations for all SMEs. How do you determine the most cost effective way to use the two services?

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How to Easily Secure Your Business Data with Office 365

Office 365 Business Essentials is the preferred office productivity and collaboration solution that millions of businesses worldwide rely upon to keep their documents and knowledge on the cloud. 

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Singapore Budget 2019 update: Policies for SMEs

As Singapore marks the bicentennial year of its founding, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat reflected on the hurdles that the colonial port has managed to overcome. In the same spirit, he urged Singaporeans to confront today's challenges with grit and determination. Here are some highlights from the budget speech that may affect SMEs.

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How does the IRAS Auto-Inclusion Scheme affect businesses?

IRAS' Auto-Inclusion Scheme requires employers to submit employees’ employment income information to the IRAS electronically. Is your business affected and are your processes ready for it? 

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