Applying Leave or Submitting Claims

To apply leave or submit claims, you can simply click on the various buttons on the dashboard shown in the screenshot 


Aplying Leave 

When applying leave, you can see the default approver selected as the approver you may change this if you wish to. You will need to fill in the mandatory fields such as Leave Type, Durataion, From Date, and To Date. 

The Leave balance will be shown on the right side of the page when you have selected your leave type 


Submitting Claim 

Similar to leave, when submitting claims you will need to enter the Type, Amount, GST and Attachment if required. Once ready click on Submit 


Checking Your Applications 

To check your applcations for both leave and claims, you can click on My Profile > My Leaves or My Claims 

Checking your Leave Entitlement 

You can check your leave entitlement and balances my going to My Profile > My Leave Profile