Admin Guide: Managing Employees

User Assignment in myBusiness

Manage Users from the App

Note: You can now import/add users within the app too. By adding the new user in the app, the same user info will be added to myBusiness.

1. After you have successfully subscribed to Singtel myBusiness Essential Workflow, you will need to assign an Administrator to manage the service.
Step 1: Click "Manage app" to start assigning the Administrator.
Note: The account will be automatically logged out after 10 minutes of inactivity. Any unsaved data will be lost.
2. Select the user you wish to assign to manage your Workflow service.
Step 1: Click the checkbox to select the account to be granted access
3. Once you have selected the user, click on the button to assign them.
Step 1: Click "Assign"
Step 2: Select the role you would like to assign to this account

2 types of application roles

Administrator: This is the role of the Business owner or HR Manager who needs to setup the company information and claims/leave policies, manage employees' access and view reports.
End User: This is the role of all Employees who can apply leaves, submit claims and view his respective entitlments.

Note: A Singtel myBusiness account must be created for the user before they can be assigned

4. This is to confirm the assignment of the user who will be accessing the Workflow service.
Step 1: Click "OK" to proceed
5. You will see the following screens and the status will be updated. A login email will be sent to the administrator.
Step 1: Click "OK"
(2) The "Application role" column will show that user assignment is in progress