Payslip Admin Guide: Security Add-on Feature

This feature will allow employee to receive password protected payslip without logging into the system.

Note: Please make sure you have subscribed "Advanced Payslip Security" add-on in order to enable this feature.


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You will need to login as an Administrator to manage the service.


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Do the following:

  1. Click Manage Licenses page
  2. Tick check box to subscribe add-on
  3. Click Proceed to complete check out process

*Note: You will receive email from myBusiness upon successful subscription.


Step 3 of 5
You can proceed to launch the E.Payslip to see new feature by clicking on the red button as shown below: 



Step 4 of 5
From the app dashboard, go to Settings > Subscription. Go to the Add-ons section and check the Payslip Password feature 


Step 5 of 5

Your employees will receive a email prompting them to change password. Once they have followed the instructions they will be able enjoy the feature 

Note: An automated email will be sent to all employees with the auto-generated PDF Protected
password. The employee are encourage to login to they system to update the password.



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