Payslip Admin Guide: Managing Payslips

Managing payslips

Issue and manage payslips for your employees.

In the Dashboard, click on "Create" to start creating payslips. 


Create payslips

Note: Employees with "Update Rquired" status will not show up when creating payslip. You will need to update their details before proceeding to create payslip for them. Go to Employees > View Employees to update their details. (Refer to Managing Employee guide) 

Click on the "Employee name" field and start searching for the employee to create payslip for.


The payslip is split into four parts:

1. Basic pay information

Enter the basic pay information. Make sure the dates indicated are in line with your company's practice.


2. Overtime Payments 

Click on "+ Add more" to start. Enter the details of the overtime payments such as the Description, hours worked, overtime rate, and hourly rate. The overtime pay will be calculated based on: Hours worked * (Hourly Rate * Overtime Rate). 


3. Additional Payments, Allowances & Deductions

There are 2 ways to include additonal payments. You can either Add new pay items or import from Workflow App (refer to Workflow Integration guide). 

If you already have Pay Items created, you can select from the list and start editing, if not, you can click on "Create New Pay Items" 

You can add multiple lines of items and edit their amount, or remove them from the list. 


4. CPF contribution for employer and employee

Click on "Calculator" to determine the CPF contributions or add CPF contribution manually. When using the calculator, check the details before click on "Calculate CPF Contributions". Once the result is as desired, click "Copy to Payslip" to proceed. 



Save draft, preview or cancel the payslip

You can choose to cancel the payslip, save it as a draft and continue editing it later or review the payslip before sending it out.


Managing draft or issued payslips

If you saved a draft of the payslip, you can access it from "View Payslips" to continue editing it as per the previous instructions or delete it.

For issued payslips, this is where you can:

  • View - view the payslip;
  • Copy - create a duplicate to issue another payslip;
  • Email - email it again to the employee
  • Void - cancel the payslip altogether


Managing issued payslips (View)

You can view the payslip and choose to save a PDF version of it on to your computer and print it for your employee. You may also email your employee to notify them to login and retrieve their payslip.


Managing issued payslips (Copy)

You can create a duplicate of the payslip to pre-populate the fields to quickly issue another payslip for subsequent months.

You need to enter the date of payment and payment period and edit any additional payments if required.


Managing issued payslips (Email)

To send a payslip to your employee, just click on "Email". Your employee will receive a notification to login and retrieve their payslip.


Managing issued payslips (Void)

When you click on "Void", you have to enter the reason for cancelling the payslip.



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