Payslip Admin Guide: Managing Employees

Create and edit the account information of your employees.

Create employee

Besides creating new employees during the initial setup, you can also click on "Create Employee" to create an employee record you wish to issue payslips to. Navigate to Employees > Create Employees or Employees > View Employees and click on "Add New Employee" 


Click the fields and start editing the information. Click on "Save" to save the update and "Back" to cancel the update.

Once you have updated the information, you will be brought back to the dashboard.


Alternative way to add employee

You can also add new employees by importing existing users in myBusiness portal. Go to Employees > View Employees, click on "Import from myBusiness". You will then see a list of users that are on your myBusiness account. Select the users which needs to be imported, then click on "Import" 


Update employee details 

For Employees which was added during the initial setup or from importing, a status of "Update Required" will be shown. Unless their details has been updated, you will not be able to create payslips for them. Click on it to fill in more details. 


Manage License from myBusiness 

You can manage, assign and un-assign user licences, through the myBusiness 'Manage Apps' Dashboard.

After accessing Manage App dashboard, you can view the current status of your licenses. To access the page, click Manage Licenses tab on left panel.

Manage Users | Assign

Click on Manage User tab on left panel. You can view and manage users from here.



Select the user you wish to assign the license to. You can select more than one user at one time.

Once you have selected the user, click on the button to assign them.


Next, you will need to select and confirm the assigned role for the user. Unless the user is an administrator, select "End User".


After assignment, you will be shown the following screens and the status will be updated.


Manage Users | Un-assign

To un-assign the user, select the employee you wish to remove the access.

Once you have selected the user, click on the button to remove their license.

This is to confirm license removal of the user(s).

You will then be shown the following screens and the status will be updated.

You can un-assign licence when the employee leaves the company. Once the user licence is removed, you will not be able to update or view the ex-employee details from the dashboard.


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