Payslip Admin Guide: IR8A Form Submission

This is a feature which allows the administrator to submit IR8A Form to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). 

It is only available for employer that are already in the AIS Auto-Inclusion Scheme. You can check if your employer is in the AIS at IRAS website, > Businesses > Employers > Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for Employment Income > Check if an employer is in the AIS.


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Go to Tax Filing > IR8A AIS Submission. Select the year of assessment

Step 2 of 4
Start creating new forms for employee by clicking on the link 


Step 3 of 4
You will be directed to the page that allows you to create the form. The information like the employee's particulars will be shown by default and cannot be edited. Fill up all the relevant fields and click on "Save" button. You will be directed to IR8A form creation page to review and edit if necessary.

Employee details can't be edited except Full Name of Employee field. If any changes required, please edit in Employee details page.

Income summary will be auto populated based on isseud payslips for the respective year. Please make an adjustment or add additional items which are not captured in issued payslips (e.g. Director's fees) if necessary 

Deduction amount will be auto populated. Please provide name of Fund if there is any 

Step 4 of 4
You will be directed back to the summary page. Please ensure the information is all correct before submitting to IRAS. You will have to select the employee you wish to submit the IR8A Form for before the website directs you to the ‘Summary Page'.

You may now provide the authorised person details and select the employee's forms to proceed. 


You can either choose to submit the IRAS directly or export to XML file.


To check your submission you may navigate to Tax Filling > Tax Submission List 



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