Payslip Admin Guide: Connecting with Workflow

1. What is E.Paylip and E.Workflow connection?
E.Paylip and E.Workflow connection is the data integration between E.Payslip and E.Workflow applications. This will allow both users to enjoy the benefits of seamless access with 1 login credential to access both applications as well as upload approved claims and unpaid leave deductibles in Employee's Payslip.

Note: Only E.Payslip Admin has right to connect or disconnect and E.Workflow Admin has right to accept or reject the connection.

2. How to initiate connection as an E.Payslip Admin?

Go to Settings > Integration. You can see current status is shown as "Disconnected" 

If you are also an E.Workflow Admin, both apps will connect automatically.

  • If you are not an E.Workflow Admin, the system will trigger a connection request to E.Workflow Admin to approve the request. The status will show as "Disconnect (Request Sent)".

If you are not connected click "Connect" and if successful you will see successful message. 

Note: At some point, if you would like to revoke connection access, you may click "Disconnect".



3. How to accept connection request as an E.Workflow Admin?

  1. When E.Payslip Admin request for connection between E.Payslip and E.Workflow , you will receive the below sample email.
  2. Login to E.Workflow as per normal.
  3. Click on "Connect Payslip to Workflow" under Company Settings menu from left menu bar. (Note: You may need to expand the Company Settings menu as it is collapsed by default.)
  4. Click "Approve" to accept the connection request.

  5. After approving, you will see status as "Connected" below.

Note: Should you want to terminate either app, you can revoke the connection by clicking "Disconnect".



Q: What is Leave & Claim feature on top of the menu bar in E.Payslip?
A:  This feature allows you to launch and/or connect Leave & Claim module (E.Workflow) if you are an existing E.Workflow subscriber. If you are not subscribed to E.Workflow, you can take a 30-day free trial. This allows you to post your approved claims and unpaid leave deductible into your payslips between 2 applications E.Payslip and E.Workflow with a single login. 


Q: What are the benefits of connecting E.Workflow application with E.Payslip application?
A: This will enable in-app access of E.Workflow from E.Payslip application as well as populate approved claims and unpaid leave deductibles into the employee's Payslip.


Q: Who have access to connect E.Payslip and E.Workflow?
A: Only the E.Payslip Admin can connect the two apps. If you are not the admin, you can notify your E.Payslip Admin.


Q: How can I add approved claims or unpaid leave deductibles into Employee's payslip?
A: Please follow below steps

Go to Addiotnal Payments section. If available, you will see pending pay items from workflow. Click on "Click to view list" to see the items.

The list of pending items will appear for both claims and unpaid leaves. You may select multiple to add in to the payslip and also determine it will affect CPF or not. 

Note: All items added into Payslip will change to "Draft" status. Once Payslip is successfully generated, those items will change to "Completed" status.

Items that are selected will appear in the list, for unpaid leaves you may adjust the amount if necessary 

The payslip will be reflected as follows:


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