Payslip Admin Guide: Getting Started

Register and assign the Administrator who will manage your Payslip subscription.


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After you have successfully subscribed to Singtel myBusiness Essential Payslip service, you will need to assign an Administrator to manage the service.

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Select the user you wish to assign to manage your Payslip service.

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Once you have selected the user, click on the button to assign them.

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This is to confirm the creation of the user who will be administering the Payslip records.

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You will then be shown the following screens and the status will be updated.

A login email will be sent to the administrator shortly.

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Once the Administrator receives the following email, he/she can click on the "Login URL" and proceed with the next part.

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As this is the first time you're accessing the Payslip app, you will be required to enter some basic requirement for your company. Follow the 3 steps shown in the user interface and you'll be set (Company Profile > Payslip Settings > Add Employees)


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Once the setup is completed, you will be redirected to the Dashboard and you're all set! 



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