Admin Guide

Getting Started 

During the first time you launch Engage, you will need to go through a guided setup process. Just follow the 4 steps shown and you will be good to go. Instructions are included in each of the steps. If you have issue setting up, drop us a message here and we shall assist you 


The dashboard provides you with a quick overview. 

The top 4 cards consisting of unresolved, open, pending and unassigned gives a quick summary of the number of tickets that falls under each category.  You may click on each of the cards to quickly filter to the related tickets 

The "Recent activities" section provides a quick summary of what action was taken chronologically. 

Ticket Centre 

This is where all your tickets are, you can do a quick search with the top bar, use the quick filter tabs on top of the section, or specify your own filter by clicking on the funnel icon on the right-hand side. 

You can also sort the tickets by clicking on the column headers. 

Viewing and Replying to Ticket 

When you click into a ticket, it will show the oldest activity on the top, and the latest reply at the bottom. 

To reply, you can either scroll to the bottom and click the reply button or click "Reply" at the top section. 

To change the ticket properties such as the assigned agent or ticket categories, you may use the panel on the right-hand side to update the details 


Assigning a Ticket 

While viewing a ticket, click on the "Assigned" field and start typing to search for an agent. Once selected, click on "update" to save the changes. 


Adding internal notes to a ticket 

Sometimes you would like to communicate internally between admins and agents before replying to a thread. You can use the internal notes function by clicking on "add a note", this will not be visible to the customer. 


Managing Contacts 

You can see all your contacts by navigating to your contact list. Every time a ticket is created and if the email is new to your Engage, a new contact is created. You can also create a contact manually either in the contact list, or when creating a new ticket. In a contact view, you can edit the contact details, and see all the related tickets to the contact. 


User Management 

You can add new agents or admins by going to the user management section. You can either add them manually or import from your myBusiness account users. You are limited to the number of users that you can add based on your subscription.