Setting up your DKIM

Setup DKIM for your own mailbox  

By setting up DKIM you will be able to digitally sign the emails that are sent out by Engage. It is as simple as adding a few records into your domain name server (DNS) records. The following 4 simple steps will get you ready for a digitally signed and authenticated email.  

Step 1: Getting the records from Engage  

In Engage, go to Settings > Email Settings > DKIM Settings. You shall see a list of 3 to 4 records on the screen. 



Step 2: Access your DNS records  

Based on your DNS provider, login to your DNS Records settings. In this settings page you should be able to see your existing records for your website IP address or your MX records for your email services like Google or Office365. If you require assistance on identifying your DNS you may contact our support team at or go to  


Step 3: Update your DNS records  

Create new records which are of CNAME type, copy and paste the host and data values from Engage to your new DNS records. Based on your DNS provider, the setting names may vary.  


Step 4: Verify your DKIM setup  

Once you have saved and updated your records, you may now click "Verify". The Status will turn green if the setup is done correctly