Email Account User Guide

Business Email Hosting Email Account User Guide


Access Email from Web

Access Email from Mail Client

Change Email Account Password

Creating Email Forwarders

Create Auto Responder

Access Email from Web^

In order to access Email from Web, you need to get Email Address and Password from your administrator. Once you get both info, please follow below steps to access your email from web.

  1. Go to and login with your Email Address and Password. E.g If your domain name is, web mail url will be http://webmail.

  2. After you login, you will see below UI. To access your email, click on Logo.

  3. Then you will be redirect to email page as shown below. To send email, click the Compose icon.

  4. Key in receipent email address in To field and enter Subject and message body. Once done, click Send icon to complete the process. You can attaached file using the “Attach” icon on top or “Attach a file” button on right.

Access Email from Mail Client^

Note: You can access your email from your mail client if you don’t want to access from web.

  1. Click the Configure Mail Client function to proceed.

  2. There are several auto configuration scripts for different mail client. Choose correct mail client and your desire protocol to auto configure.

  3. Upon clicking on script, system will prompt pop-up message to proceed. Click Proceed button to continue

  4. Click save file when new pop-up appear. Then go to downloaded file and open the file

  5. After that your mail client will appear to continue your account setup.

  6. You will see your account is already setup in Window Live Mail. Click Download button.

  7. Key in your User Name and Password to complete configuration.

Change Email Account Password^

Note: Be aware that your administrator can also change your Email Account Password through Control Panel.

  1. Click the Change Password function to proceed.

  2. Key in your New Password and confirm again. Once done, click Change Password button to complete the process.

Creating Email Forwarders^

  1. Click the Forwarding Options function.

  2. Click on the Add Forwarder button to proceed.

  3. Key in destination email address that will receive the forwarded email messages into the Forward to email address field and click Add Forwarder button to complete the process.

  4. Then system will show below message to inform New Forwarder has been added.

Create Auto Responder^

  1. Click the Auto Responders function to proceed.

  2. Click on the Add Auto Responder on the next window.

  3. Fill in the form with Interval, Email, From , Subject and Body. Click on 'Create/ Modify' button to complete the Auto Responder configuration.

  4. Then system will show below message to inform Auto Responder has been created.