Getting Started

ABSS Premier online Getting Started


- Thank you for subscribing to Singtel myBusiness ABSS Premier online service.
- Get everything up and running with our simple, step-by-step guide.

Registration and user assignment

  1. After you have successfully subscribed to the Singtel myBusiness ABSS Premier online service, you will need to assign an account to start managing the service.

  2. Select the users who will be assigned to manage your MYOB Premier online service.

  3. Once you have selected the user(s) who will be provided access, you can proceed with the assignment.

  4. Enter registration information of the user. Enter the “ABSS Premier online Login” ID for the user and select the “Admin” role.

  5. You will then be shown the following screens and the status will be updated. You should receive an approval email soon.

  6. Once you receive the following email, you can proceed with to the next part.

Installation and setup of ABSS Premier online Launcher

Download and install the ABSS Premier online Launcher for quick and easy access to your ABSS Premier online software on any platform.

  1. Once you receive the following approval email mentioned at the end of the previous part, click on the “Download ABSS Premier online programme launcher” button to download and install it.

Please note... you may also download and install the "ABSS Premier online programme" via your myBusiness dashboard when you click on the power button.


     2. Once the installation is completed, start the RemoteApp by clicking ABSS Premier launcher and “Connect” to initiate the setup process.

     3. Enter your ID and password given in the email

     4. Now you can start your ABSS Premier online instance to begin setting up your account.

 To change your password, click on the link in the email.

Setup and configuration

Easy to follow setup and configuration instructions to create all the basic accounts needed to start recording your entries.

  1. Before your begin, please prepare the following set of information:

    1. Company UEN number

    2. GST number

    3. Contact information

      - Address

      - Phone

      - Fax

      - Email

    4. Current financial year

    5. Last month of financial year end

    6. Conversion month

    7. Number of account period

    8. Industry classification

    9. Business type

    Get help from your accountant to decide on some of the above information or pass the access to your accounts/finance team to help with the setup.

  2. Now that you have gotten the previously mentioned information ready, you can begin the setup of your ABSS Premier online account.

  3. Confirm that you have the require information and proceed with your configuration.

  4. Enter your company’s information. Take note of the format and the mandatory fields.

  5. Now to setup the basic accounting information as shown. Note that these cannot be changed after they have been decided.

  6. This is the final confirmation screen before the next step. Take extra care to confirm that the entries are correct before you proceed.

  7. You can now either let ABSS Premier online setup the accounts automatically or, if you know what is required, set them up manually

  8. To automatically setup the accounts, select your company’s industrial classification and business type. ABSS Premier online will create the respective accounts according to your selected combination.

  9. Before you complete the setup process, you can choose to change the name of the file or allow ABSS Premier online to create it using the default name.

What we recommend you to do next...

1. Register for additional accounts and provide them to your finance team for easier management of your accounts

2. Download and install "Microsoft Remote Desktop" from mobile to access your ABSS Premier online accounts anytime, anywhere

For assistance...

You can access the online help guide from:

You can also contact us through the following:
Call us at 1606 or call us from overseas at +65 6221 1606

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  • Step 2: Press 2 for Technical Assistance;
  • Step 3: Press 5 for Singtel myBusiness & SaaS Apps


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