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Editor’s Note

Dear members,

What an exciting month for our nation – the 50th birthday bash. Many stories have unfolded over the months - stories of nation building, individuals, policies and organizations that shaped the cityscape and social fiber of Singapore. One of our favourite programme is the “50 made in Singapore Products” exhibition held at National Museum, showcasing brands that have been part of our lives, from Bata Shoes, to Yeo’s Soya Drink, Trek Thumbdrives to Tiger Balm oil.

The last 50 years saw the rise of some local companies into regional and international brands and operations. We are proud of these companies and their achievement and even more proud of all our SMEs which have powered economy - hiring 70% of the workforce, driving productivity and our economic development. It’s a humbling time, and also a proud moment for all of us serving our SMEs. It’s time to take a BOW! Thank you for powering our economy.

We have started with a couple of things that we are excited to share with you. We surveyed our customers to identify the most critical and desired solutions they wish to implement, and among those cited:

a. Starting an e-store
b. Improving the current mode of working to support employees who are increasingly working offsite and on mobile devices.

Our customers helped us decide on and put together 2 solutions: Shopify supported adoption and Office 365 toll-free helpdesk

  1. Improving our Shopify training material with your feedback

    We went on the road with Shopify over the last 2 months and conducted more than 6 hands-on workshops for customers thinking about starting an e-Shop. We had great success during these workshops, working with customers to create better training material and scope, and have seen great adoption, with more than 100 of you starting an eShop on Shopify. From our experience and interaction, we have created more reading material relevant for community, we hope you will find them useful.

  2. Simplifying adoption with exclusive Office 365 migration and helpdesk

    We launched Office365, a cloud-based version of the familiar Microsoft Office suite. It comes with many other great features, including unlimited video conferencing and 1TB of online storage, making collaboration a breeze. To help ease our customers’ adoption, we’ve created a supported set up / and migration package and toll-free helpdesk. These services were designed with your feedback and we do hope you would check them out.

Free email backups for all members

Emails are an essential and inseparable part of our day-to-day operations. Many of us are using them to archive important information required to run our businesses, yet do not have a backup process in place. We’ve shared before on what are the best practices for backing up, and to help you adopt the best practices, we’ve launched an exclusive for all our members – free DropMyEmail backup service.

All you need to do is to log on with your myBusiness account and activate it for your email account from your myBusiness Dashboard. You’ll get 1 year worth of free email backups! Read more about how DropMyEmail works for you here.

We have lots more that are being developed currently. For now, we prepared this enewsletter to keep you inform of what’s happening. We hope you’ll enjoy and find them useful. If you have any comments or feedback, please feel free to drop us a note at