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(Payslip, leave and claims)

Managing hardcopy payslips, leave forms and claim receipts can be a hassle and time consuming especially when you need to focus on running your business.

Get rid of paperwork with Singtel Essentials HR app, an all-in-one solution that let employees submit leave/claims applications and retrieve payslips all within clicks. Employers can also issue payslips and approve leave/claims anytime, anywhere.

  • Listed as a IRAS-supporting software for Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for YA 2019
  • No more Excel - records and policies are updated and consistent in one system across the company
  • Receive payslips through email (add-on)
  • Get notifications via email – retrieve payslips and approve/reject leave and claims

Join thousands of SMEs to automate your HR process today, from less than $2 per user.


Create, host and maintain employee records and payslips, in digital and printed formats

  • Compliant to MOM payslip requirement.
  • Unlimited payslip records.
  • Store employment records and payslips for up to 2 years, even after employee leaves the company.
  • Automated computation of net pay and ad-hoc allowances.
  • Auto-inclusion of approved claims and unpaid leave deductibles into the next payslip*.
* For customers with subscription of both apps.

Simple workflows for leave applications and claim submissions, removing the complicated features of full-fledged HR systems.

  • Quick setup by editing the pre-set leave and claim policies with the option of adding your own.
  • Easy submission by take a photo of the medical certificate or claim receipt and upload online.
  • Instant notification and approval via email.
  • Auto-calculation of used leaves and balances.
  • One-click report generation by employees, period or types of claims/leaves.

HR processes made easy in a centralised system

  • One secured system to access and manage simple HR processes.
  • Claims and unpaid leave deductibles will be reflected in the payslips.
  • Records will be retained in the system for as long as you subscribe to the service.

Feature details

      BEST VALUEEssentials HR
(E.Payslip & E.Workflow)Generate payslips, leave and claims digitally
  E.Payslip Generate payslips E.Workflow
(E.Leave & E.Claims)Submit leave & claims digitally

Employee and salary records

Submits IR8A employment income directly to IRAS for YA2019

No more Excel - records and policies are updated and consistent in one system across the company


Itemised according to the MOM’s requirements

Customised with your company logo

Can be input by hour/day/month

Auto-computation of net pay

Easy-to-use CPF calculator

Copy-and-paste the previous month’s payslip and edit where necessary

Archived information keeps records of past payslips even when the employee leaves the company

Receive password-protected payslip through email (add-on)


Create all leave types (Annual, medical, hospitalisation, etc) nd entitlements

Create one-time leave types (e.g. time-off, special entitlement)

Create all claim types (food, transport, mobile phone allowance, etc)

Allocate specific leave for selected employees (e.g. paternal leave)

Other features include: pro-ration; carry-forward

Auto-calculation of used leaves and balances.

Upload attachments (optional)

Supervisors will be notified via email for approval when leave/claims are submitted.

Administrators can generate reports by employees, period or types of claims/leaves.


All information is stored in the cloud for 2 years.

Unlimited data storage.

Inclusive of GST: Contract term is 12 months.

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Contract term: 12 months. Get 6 months’ free subscription. Find out how

What our customers say

Benefits of a single platform to manage your HR processes

Easy to use
  • Easy to use with zero programming.
  • Get started within minutes
  • Reduce manual errors and keep up-to-date information
Secured with peace of mind
  • Date stored in a secured data center with encrypted network.
  • Manage payslip, leave and claims under one platform
  • Real-time updates and report 24/7
  • Historical data can be retrieved anytime


  • Password-protected payslip


Payment methods

You can pay for the app's monthly subscription using your Singtel business billing account.

If you do not have a Singtel business billing account, you can contact us to get an account.

You can pay for the app's monthly subscription using your Singtel business billing account.

If you do not have a Singtel business billing account, you can contact us to get an account.

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Frequently asked questions

Difference between using Microsoft Office Excel and myBusiness Essentials Payslip:

  Using Excel or manually created payslips Using myBusiness Essentials Payslip
Storage & filing Store as soft copy and file in the computer or as hard copy and file manually. Store in the cloud and retrieve anytime with a secured login
Issuance to employees Issue physical copies to employees with chance of misplacing them. Notify employees via email to retrieve their payslips, with option to print hard copies.
Calculation Accuracy Prone to error. Minimise errors with auto computation of net pay.

myBusiness Essentials HR is a easy-to-use app to digitalise your current paper-based tasks of issuing payslips and managing leave/claims. By digitalising your workflows, you eliminate the most daunting paper-intensive task in your organisation. While there are other HR apps with leave and claims features in the market, they are usually integrated with payroll or time-attendance softwares, which may be complicated to use. We understand the complexities of HR apps and aim to simplify the process by providing you with only the things you need.

As specified by MOM, employers are required to keep employee records for one year after the employee leaves employment which you can read about it here. You can re-assign the app to the new hire. The ex-employees’ payslips will be archived in the system and the administrator will be able to view it.

No, it does not follow the guidelines. As different companies have different policies, you will need to set up the system according to your company’s policies. This is a basic app aimed at eliminating paper-based tasks, it does not contain complicated features found in HR app.

Yes, the administrator can make it mandatory for employees to submit their leave certificates or claim receipts when you set up leave and claim policies for the first time. Administrators can modify the policies any time after, and submissions will need to adhere to the change.

The approver can view the attachment(s) when you log in to the system to approve/reject the application. The attachments will be stored in the server, for as long as you subscribe to the service.

Your data is hosted on a ISO-27001 certified secured data centre with encrypted network and 99.5% guaranteed SLA uptime. You can choose to download your records/reports in .CSV format anytime you want to.

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