Business Backup Suite for SMEs

It has happened to everyone before - your laptop crashes and you lose your data. For businesses, losing important documents and applications can be disruptive and and result in a drop in productivity.

These days, a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan is a must for every organisation. Here are 3 points you might want to consider when planning for a backup solution for your company:

1. Follow the 3-2-1 backup rule

This is a simple guide pointed out by IT speaker and author Scott Hanselman, which can be a starting point for your backup plan.

  • 3 copies of all your important documents to ensure redundancy
  • 2 different formats, e.g.Cloud / online storage + local hard drive / LTO tape storage
  • 1 must be off-site, kept safe somewhere other than your home or office


2. Localised or cloud backup?

Why not both? Setting up a hard drive backup or LTO tape backup solution in your office is a common way to start. However, using either can get manually intensive (e.g. having to manually swap tapes for each backup) and the initial cost can be quite substantial.

A cloud-based backup solution gives you the flexibility to add storage quickly when required and automate the processes to run in the background.
Depending on your business requirements, a mix of the two can address different aspects of your backup requirements.

3. Supporting platforms

With more businesses adopting different operating systems across devices, it’s getting more difficult to have a single backup solution that supports across all platforms. Do a stock take of your systems that need backing up before committing to a backup solution.

Business Backup Suite is a backup and disaster recovery solution designed to backup data on your workstations and servers that can be managed on a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Key features of Business Backup Suite:

  • Easy to deploy and manage backups from your physical workstations and servers.
  • Automated and scheduled daily backups.
  • Easy to use self-service management dashboard.
  • Support for any operating system, file system or storage location#.
  • One-click fast recovery of full hard drive images, files, folders
  • and applications to workstation or servers with ALL data intact.
  • Data is stored in secured and certified data centres in Singapore*.

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Business Backup Suite.

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10 workstations, 1 server and
1 TB of storage.

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*All backups are stored in SSAE16 and MTCS-Singapore (iDA standard) certified Tier IV designed data centre hosted in Singapore. Also uses 2048-bit SSL management channel encryption to ensure data security.
# Any OS system includes Windows, Linus or Mac OS; any file system includes NTFS, ReFS, FAT16/32, Ex2/3/4, ReiserFS3, XFS or JFS; any storage location includes cloud, on-premises or remote offices.

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